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VenisonLooking for Unusual Meats? How About Wild Boar Enchiladas?

ElkOregon RabbitDiscover new tastes of unusual meats for your own enjoyment, nutritional benefits, or for something different at your next dinner party. Meats such as buffalo, venison, and rabbit are already popular in Oregon and most of our exotic meats are raised here in Oregon. Other unusual meats such as ostrich, emu, veal, seasonal venison and elk, Guinea Foul, quail, and poussin are becoming better known as they are being purchased with increasing frequency from our new freezer at our Eugene store.


Featured Exotic Meat: Emu
Emu are high in protein and iron, while lower in fat, fatty acids and cholesterol than many other kinds of meat. For this reason Emu has been a super food for athletes for years.  The lean nature of emu makes cooking it a challenge - albeit one that any home chef or professional chef is up to as long as they understand that it is best prepared at medium-rare.

Muscovy Duck

The main benefit of emu is the delicious flavor. We consider it a lovely blend of duck and beef. Emu has the richness of red-meat with the health benefits of a poultry product. The Premium Loin cuts are tasty with a quick grilling and the round cut is better slow-cooked at a low heat in the oven with a tasty braising liquid. Emu readily takes to whatever flavor or cuisine you prefer -we like it medium rare, and rested, with a huckleberry and pepper sauce!

Oregon Goat

Due to the limited availability or seasonality of some of these meats, we encourage you to order about a week in advance.

We have provided a few links below from our vendor, Nicky USA for a number of recipes including nutritional information that will add a special gourmet touch to any meal.

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