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Oregon Free Range Pork - From Chops to Luau

Have you ever had bacon that has been dry cured the old fashioned way? How about leaner and healthier pork for the modern diet? Take a closer look at what's been happening with pork over the years. Today, our job is a little bit easier.

Butchers no longer need to"trim the fat" from their pork. Locally raised hogs are leaner, meeting the health-conscious needs for quality pork with less fat. Today's pig yields a pork loin with 77% less fat - and 53% fewer calories! And at Long's Meat Market, we have the best cuts in town. We provide savory pork products from two top Oregon suppliers:
Carlton Farms & Tails and Trotters

Carlton FarmsCarlton Farms
For more than 50 years, Carlton Farms has crafted the very finest and freshest natural meats for select restaurants, gourmet markets, and discerning families throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Their hand-picked local and national growers raise genetically superior animals that meet our exacting standards for natural excellence. Processing is done almost entirely by hand. So when they say handcrafted, they mean it.
They meet all USDA requirements and achieve excellence the old-fashioned way - with time-honored techniques. We never use artificial flavors or chemicals while cutting, curing, or aging our meats.

The Whole Hog and Luaus - We have seen an increase in pig roasting. Our whole pig sales have increased tenfold in just a few years from 25 to 30 hogs a year compared to about one or two several years ago. We require a week to fill orders and can supply 100 percent natural Oregon pigs from Carlton Farms. Butcher's Blog

Tails & Trotters
has become well known for their high quality pork and the inclusion of hazelnuts in their feed plan. Their pigs are fed a diverse diet that is specifically formulated to their growth needs. Many of the grains include wheat, barley, triticale, peas and flax. Corn and soybeans are never fed, and their feed grower has 3rd party verification that its feeds are GMO free.

The pigs are never administered antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, or animal byproducts in ANY form (pigs that become sick and require medication are removed from our program, treated and sold through conventional channels after the requisite waiting period).

Oregon Hazelnuts - It's what makes Tails & Trotters pork so special! Traditionally, pigs produced for prosciutto are fed a special "finishing" diet for their last 60-90 days where a large portion of their feed is replaced with acorns. Finishing provides increased flavor to the fat and meat, as well as produces the necessary intramuscular and subcutaneous (under the skin) fat cover necessary for prosciutto production-our main long-term objective.

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